Jaipur photography by Ana Corrie - 21

Photo Documentary: Jaipur + Amer

Historical Jaipur – Rajasthan’s capital – brimming with chaotic colorful streets, is a fascinating juxtaposition of old and new. Buses, camels, rickshaws, tuk tuks, motorbikes, cars and occasionally elephants dot the traffic landscape, all competing haphazardly for the right of way.

In the heart of city – as well as just out of sight – in the arid hill country surrounding the hustle and bustle I was able to find many treasures.  The flamboyant urban sprawl and majestic grandeur of the natural landscape I have aimed to capture with my photography.

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My work is to uncover big ideas and great stories that make culture, ignite change and growth in people and organizations, and move people into action. I work with people who are inventing things worth making, with stories worth telling, and with a contribution worth talking about.

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