Latest podcast with Karl Schaffer, Erik Stern and Hofesh Shechter

The Experimenters – Dance Podcast

The latest episodes with Hofesh Shechter, Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer.

Host Ana Corrie explores, with today’s creative pioneers, the far reaches of CHOREOGRAPHY, MUSIC AND DESIGN.

Hofesh Shechter is an Israeli choreographer, dancer and composer based in London. He is best known for being the founder and artistic director of the Hofesh Shechter Company.
Erik Stern is a choreographer, dancer, musician and interdisciplinary educator. His work Demolition Derby brought together Alzheimer’s organizations and corporations. 
Karl Schaffer is a dancer, choreographer, mathematician, and math professor. He has pioneered dance performances and educational materials connecting dance and mathematics since 1990.

About Ana Corrie Helmeyer

My work is to uncover big ideas and great stories that make culture, ignite change and growth in people and organizations, and move people into action. I work with people who are inventing things worth making, with stories worth telling, and with a contribution worth talking about.