Director, Camera Operator, Development producer (film).

London Based.

Owner of a Sony FS5.

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The World is a Luna Park, short art documentary / Year 2017
Role: Director, Camera, Sound, Editing, Post-sound and Soundtrack composition

India, short art film / Year 2015
Role: Director, Camera, Editor

Beat School Sancat, music video / Year: 2017
Role: Director, Camera, Editor

Il Rumore del Silenzio, feature-lenght dance documentary / Year: 2018
Role: Director, camera, sound, editing, producer.

Electro Circle Songs, music short documentary / year: 2018
Role: Director, first camera, editing, producer.

Mad About you, music video / Year: 2016
Role: Director, camera operator, editor

Mio Figlio in Rosa, short documentary / Year: 2016
Role: Director, Camera, Editor, Producer

To The Great Beyond, Timelapse video art / Year: 2016
Role: Photography, timelapse, editing

Fallin’ – Music Video / Year: 2016
Role: Camera Operator

Marble Dog Crew, Music video / Year: 2016
Role: Camera operator

El Trazo Grueso – Modern Art in Venezuela, Documentary art film
Role: Writer, Director / Producer / Editor
Year: 2001
Anna – Animation, short film
Role: Writer, Director / Producer
Year: 2008
Julian’s Garden – Short film
Role: Writer, Director / Producer
Year: 2009

About Ana Corrie Helmeyer

My work is to uncover big ideas and great stories that make culture, ignite change and growth in people and organizations, and move people into action. I work with people who are inventing things worth making, with stories worth telling, and with a contribution worth talking about.