Math is Weird: cross-media project for Maths, Arts, and Science teen Edutainment

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Project by Innovation-Go ltd, Company registration number: 14003774

Project’s Vision: to empower teens of diverse backgrounds – particularly those considered ‘hard-to-reach’ and ‘under-privileged’ – to develop a passion for maths, arts, and science, and to become more engaged with their potential.

Math is Weird exists in the intersection of film, extended reality (XR), interdisciplinary education, and fictional culture.

It pays to start an endeavor in a field you are unfamiliar with — that’s where disruption happens” Naveen Jain 

Math is Weird – VR edutainment

The first title in a cross-media fictional world for Edutainment:

Title: Math is Weird

Genre: Animation, Science fiction

Format: 6DOF

Who is this for?: Teens (age groups 12-19)

Story by Ana Corrie and Clelia Tonini

Written by Clelia Tonini


Thick-as-thieves twin sisters and rival math prodigies Mercy and JJ Rover get separated for the first time in their lives when JJ is transported by a wormhole into a higher dimensional bulk. As Mercy looks for a way to help her sister, she discovers an outstanding gravitational anomaly that is making our universe expand fast, real fast. Her theory? Our solar system is just about to fly apart.
Meanwhile, trapped in a strange world outside our reality, JJ has to learn to rely on new friends (including a young Anaximander, one of the intellectual giants of the ages, who was transported to the bulk from the V century BC), but most importantly on her own knowledge and strength, to find her way back home – and maybe even save the universe in the process.

Some work over the characters “Father” and “Mercy and JJ Rover”

Why Math is Weird? because the universe… is weird!

The Math is Weird VR series is for education and entertainment. We weave into the series’ fabric, thoroughly and compellingly, art forms and disciplines to nurture creativity and innovation. Through the popularization of math and science, we want to leave young audiences in serious awe. And that’s only the start! 

The Agile Team for Math is Weird

How will we teach teens math and science concepts in Math is Weird?

The way we are planning to have our characters in Math is Weird teach math and science concepts to The Visitor: is similar to the way Italian Renaissance workshops taught students like Leonardo Da Vinci – where the master built the structure and the style of the canvas, he maybe painted the central character, and then his students had to continue his composition in the same style; in this way – even if painting just some details each student had to be able to paint like the master. 

In the same way, we want to design an immersive story world, where the characters of Math is Weird interact with our audience and give them small tasks to help them solve the mysteries of their scientific research.

Here is a story I want to share with you, to help you visualize this idea:

Andrea del Verrocchio was a sculptor, goldsmith, and painter who ran a large and successful workshop in Florence in the second half of the 15th century. Verrocchio trained his apprentices by having them study surface anatomy, drawing, mechanics, sculpting, drapery studies, and the use of light and shade. He also introduced his students to subjects such as geography, Italian literature, and poetry. Verrocchio was known to set aside zones in his works for his apprentices to sketch on and eventually paint after he began them. Among his apprentices and close associates were the painters Botticelli, Francesco Botticini, Piero Perugino, Francesco di Simone, Lorenzo di Credi and Leonardo da Vinci.

Umbrella subjects that will be explored throughout the series: 

1. To reflect on the nature of scientific thinking and its role in the long-term development of civilization.

2. To look into what might be at the root of the pernicious modern separation between science and humanities

3. To explore with teenagers why Plato (and many others) say with conviction that maths is the best language to describe and understand the world.

4. To give teenagers a glimpse of how great scientists advanced knowledge by challenging the received vision of the world, continuously improving it – recognizing errors and learning to look further and further ahead.

5. To look back at the ancient origin of scientific thinking, to the very first steps in the direction of rational inquiry about nature.

6. To introduce teenagers to the strange (and mind-blowing) world emerging from the study of the main open question posed in fundamental physics: quantum gravity. 

Our vision is for a VR series grounded from the outset in real science. Science at and just beyond the frontiers of human knowledge. A series in which the director, screenwriters, and producers respect the science, take inspiration from it, and weave it into the series’ fabric, thoroughly and compellingly.

Two guidelines for the science of Math is Weird:

  1. Nothing in the series will violate firmly established laws of physics, our our firmly established knowledge of the universe
  2. Speculations about ill-understood physical laws and the universe will spring from real science, from ideas that at least some “respectable” scientists regard as possible.

The Journey to Math is Weird:


Alternative Realities (which then evolved to Math is Weird), was developed during the 5th Biennale College International VR. This is a programme developed by La Biennale di Venezia. During this workshop we received training, project development, and production support.

2021 Biennale College Cinema Virtual Reality international, 12th – 19th January on RAUM platform.

Alternative Realities:

Director: Ana Corrie // Producer: Valentina Noya

Alternative Realities (Now Math is Weird) – was selected for the Venice Production Bridge at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

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