Like Nobody is Watching

“Like Nobody’s Watching” Dance VR Edutainment

Existing in the intersection of film, extended reality (XR), interdisciplinary education, and fictional culture.

Project by Innovation-Go ltd, Company registration number: 14003774

Goal: Make people dance


Our project is a travelogue about dance and its multicultural possibilities, which we want to develop into a fully immersive virtual reality series.

This project has at its core the desire to create a world-wide study of human movement, where audiences learn about different cultures, experience their world through dance, learn their dances, dance with other users, and share their travel and dance journey with friends and family. 

It is a hybrid entertainment form somewhere between a film, a first-person immersive narrative, and an experimental educational program, that allows audiences to explore and discover their humanity through dance.

We want to immerse the project creators in discovery and innovation, and as a team our mission is twofold; to use our four-dimensional time-space reality to create entirely new forms of art, and to be at the forefront of the research and practices that can help audiences to walk away with a whole new meaningful perspective.


Ever since Holly, a faerie, danced with little Erin and was welcomed into her human family, the two have been living as inseparable sisters. But fourteen years later, time is up; the faeries are back, and they want to reclaim Holly for themselves. If she wants to stay in the human world, she must win the bicentennial competition that crowns the best faerie dancer. 

Luckily for her, she has the best of allies by her side – Erin, an exuberant dancer eager to share her passion with Holly, and the spirit of dance itself, embodied by the “visitor”.

Their journey is a race against time, to learn how dancers from diverse cultures can create the most beautiful choreography, for Holly to win the competition, and retain her freedom.

Next steps:

What will happen:

For Like Nobody’s Watching, a dance-focused VR series, we are working towards building a case study for R&D, and our five goals with this case study are to:

1) to study how to inspire the audience to explore and interact with the abstract and how to engage them emotionally with the story, 2) to develop the visual identity of the pilot and get our content to showcase the project into its next step, 3) to develop a 30 second animated VR development test, a vertical slice – a chunk of the VR piece that would represent how the project would look like, and which will act as a proof of concept for stakeholders before they agree to fund the rest.

4) devise a strategic engagement plan around our content with clearly defined objectives and measurable results 5) conduct research to develop the Business Plan, i.e. the overview, operational plans, and the scope of the project.

Art direction of the project

Firstly working on the visual identity of the project as a whole and create a unique look that will fit the best energy to convey the strength of the piece.

Then character design for the main characters of the story and that will represent the best of their personality and get the people reading our project excited to see them moving around and interacting with us through this journey.

We will work on some of the places we will visit in the piece to get out some environment design visuals that we can use throughout our document to immerse more the reader.

Finally we’ll work on developing this dance visual language that will extend, interact and develop the dances and immerse the viewer into an unique energy visual flow.

This way we will get a “full package” of visual research for the piece.

Research animated test/ VR development test

Finally we will work on 1 research piece that would group some of this research into one VR visual development test. This test will represent 1 shot of the film (1/2 minute showcase), it is a presentation tool to showcase how everything could look like. It will act as a summary of the visual research and development done with the funding. For the test we picked a place that will make people travel, that enchants people as fast as possible, as we want to get the audience directly at the heart of the story: the visitor will be in the middle of a tribe dancing through a ritual at night with fire and starts covering all the sky.

Business plan development

Conducting research to develop the Business Plan, so the overview, operational plans and the scope of the project. This will be done using a Business Planning Process. The process will include investigation into possibilities for platforms of distribution, merchandising and NFTs which will feed into technical documents.

Design thinking for audience development

Understanding who our visitors are and what they really need​

Using audience insight creatively to focus on the key issues ​

Co-designing new experiences​ using our whole team’s creativity

Exploring how we will be testing out ideas​ during the prototype stage

Brainstorming and defining how to put ideas into practice​ for the long term

More news will come very soon!

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