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Want a dance podcast? Tune in to conversations with performing art industry professionals for all things about dance on The Experimenters podcast.

Meet some of the most gifted and original personalities that have altered the dance world forever with their vision. Host Ana Corrie explores, with today’s creative pioneers, the far reaches of CHOREOGRAPHY, MUSIC AND DESIGN. Prepare your ears and your mind for a series of uplifting and unexpected artistic journeys.

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Karl Schaffer is a dancer, choreographer, mathematician, and math professor. He has pioneered dance performances and educational materials connecting dance and mathematics since 1990. Karl co-founded the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble in Santa Cruz, California in 1987.
Drawing on their combined backgrounds in dance, mathematics, science, writing, music, theater, and athletics, they were drawn to uncommon fields as fodder for their choreography.
They have toured throughout North America, in Europe and Asia, most recently performing in Houston, Madison, Buffalo, Hungary, France, at the Museum of Mathematics in New York, and at the National Science Museum in Seoul, South Korea. The company has received five National Endowment for the Arts awards for their cross-disciplinary performance work and Schaffer and Stern are Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Teaching Artists.
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