About Ana Corrie Helmeyer

My work is to uncover big ideas and great stories that make culture, ignite change and growth in people and organizations, and move people into action. I work with people who are inventing things worth making, with stories worth telling, and with a contribution worth talking about.

Math is Weird: cross-media project for Maths, Arts, and Science teen Edutainment

“Math is Weird”, a life-long commitment to empowering teens of diverse backgrounds by giving them out-of-the-box educational experiences about the world and the extent of their potential – through the lens of Maths, Arts and Science. We are designing the “Math is Weird” universe to span across a franchise of feature films, Virtual Reality experiences, TV series, books, gaming and much more.

Production Sound, Camera Operator, Development producer (film).

London Based. Run & Gun videography. Owner of a Sony FS5 (Netflix approved camera). Knowledge of technical video equipment including DSLR cameras, lighting, microphones and other production equipment. Edit in Adobe Premiere. Familiarity with Avid and Final Cut. Familiarity with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop. My Kit List: https://www.filmsandmusic.it/video-light-sound-gear/ Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnaCorrie/videos PORTFOLIO SOUND RECORDIST Latest […]