About Ana Corrie

Change and innovation – that’s what drives my work. I am fascinated by what they represent: human imagination, achievement, possibilities for how we evolve, creativity; the ability to see problems differently, and thus find solutions others cannot see.

Hacking people’s growth is the game

Existing in the intersection of film, XR technologies, interdisciplinary education and fictional culture. My cross-functional skills: agile project management (VR), development producer (film), camera operator (with kit), sound field recordist (with kit) . Founder & Director of start-up edutainment company “Innovation-Go! ltd

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As a way of giving you a picture of me using archetypes: I am a cross-breed between a hunter and a farmer. These archetypes are demonstrated in me with the following behaviours:

As a farmer: I am an attentive cultivator – careful, methodical, sensitive of the needs of others, linear – what leads to what in a much distant future. I love taking care of details.

As a hunter: I am a risk-taker, I am flexible, capable of changing strategy on a moment’s notice. I love to go out into the world and negotiate new opportunities, bring in new financing, open new divisions, etc.

I am passionate about cross functional teams, agile workflows, and new technologies.

Fluent in English and Spanish. Conversational in Italian.

Key Skills

  1. True agile mindset: If you run an Agile organisation, I’ll be a great addition to your team
  2.  I have an excellent track record for researching and developing story ideas that are fun, entertaining, educational, relevant, and well crafted. I have the ability to bring out the best of writers and researchers when working together.
  3.  Have more than 20 years of experience in script development (fiction and non-fiction).
  4. Run & Gun videography. Knowledge of technical video equipment including DSLR cameras, lighting, microphones and other production equipment. Owner of a Sony FS5 (Netflix approved camera)
  5. Edit in Adobe Premiere, familiarity with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop
  6. Entrepreneurial mindset. I am obsessed with innovation, creativity, and education.

My background and experience:

  1. I grew up in Venezuela, and speaking of what drives me in my work, the fact that I grew up in Venezuela was quite a big influence, in the sense that Venezuela is a very intense place where conflict is at the forefront of your life, and as a kid it is something I became aware very quickly. It is a very extreme place, and I can recognise how that would have influenced my obsession with change and innovation. I could see there was a world beyond my world. My world was narrow and problematic, the world outside filled with possibilities. So, I turned the table, and went after my dreams. I left Venezuela at 19, with $100 and came to England. I found my way and later with the help of my parents and scholarships, this helped me earn a degree in Film & Animation production. After university I worked in London for Endemol Shine UK as an assistant film editor. I continued my journey as a media producer and travelled the world for more work opportunities. But it was a deeper understanding of ‘how to live’ that I was really after. In my need to expand and grow I have been exposed to invaluable diversity and ideas.
  2. My strength lies in how I connect ideas, and my process of discovery and strategy holds up every project I develop. I have spent years reading philosophy, reading poetry, reflecting on my learning, making art, making relationships, thinking about humanity, about the current world we live in. And it is here where I can add something new.
  3. I am technically experienced in film production, as well as adept at project management of media projects with UK-based and overseas production companies and consultants. 
  4. My #1 obsession is planning. I love planning and project charters.
  5. Two project examples (I am the project creator (founder + lead), researcher, and story developer for both):

Math is Weird

Like Nobody’s Watching


2019 – PRESENT —— Math is weird: Project founder, and lead, London

Skills: Creative Development · Pitch Development · Funding Applications · Senior Development Executive · Storytelling · Content Strategy · Budgeting · Agile Methodologies · Agile Project Management · Agile Leadership · Virtual Reality (VR)

This project is my “Mountain Fuji”, a media franchise for teen edutainment (Maths, Arts, and Science ) • Research • Production • Didactics. “Math is Weird”, a life-long commitment to empowering teens of diverse backgrounds by giving them out-of-the-box educational experiences about the world and the extent of their potential – through the lens of Maths, Arts and Science.

Residencies we have attended for R&D: Biennale College Cinema Virtual Reality international, 12th – 19th January on RAUM platform.  Math is Weird was also selected for the Venice Production Bridge at the next 78th Venice International Film Festival (Venice Gap Financing Market:).

2003 – PRESENT —— Production sound, Camera Operator, Development producer (film)

Skills: Emotional Design · Film Production · Video Post-Production · Retrospectives · Audio Editing · Content Strategy · Budgeting · Digital Photography · Podcasting

Past Clients:  Volkswagen around Euro 2022, as part of their ‘We Drive Football’ campaign, Hackney Council, The Albany Theatre in London, ‘Cruel Holidays’ (an Endemol Production), cultural associations in Italy. Sound assistant for coming of age film “Lotus” directed by Ollie Wolf and produced by Ellis Fox; second sound assistant for video shoot “Singing in the Rain, London UK & International Tour 2021/22” – a Jellyfish production.

Run & Gun videography. Owner of a Sony FS5 (Netflix approved camera). Knowledge of technical video equipment including DSLR cameras, lighting, microphones and other production equipment. Edit in Adobe Premiere. Familiarity with Avid and Final Cut. Familiarity with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop. My Kit List: https://www.filmsandmusic.it/video-light-sound-gear/

Composition, photography and design: https://www.filmsandmusic.it/photography-portfolio

Video editing (using Adobe Premiere and After Effects): Past Clients:  Hackney Council, The Albany Theatre in London, Cultural associations in Italy.

Video editing (using Avid): From 1998-2003, I enjoyed 5 years of working with Avid Media Composer and Avid Express. My video editing experience during that time includes documentaries, short films, promos and reality TV show: ‘Cruel Holidays’ (an Endemol Production).

My graduation film Issac & Ellen (s16mm), won the best student film prize at the Sehsucte International film festival in Potsdam, Germany. My Short film “SEVEN” (35mm) was sold to the Norwegian Film Institute and was shown as a mini-feature (before the screening of Donnie Darko) in cinemas in Norway.

Examples of Work (produced, shot and edited):

Feature length dance documentary (Italian): https://youtu.be/ZvuLFB16EJM

Transgender Youth mini documentary (Italian): https://youtu.be/YJSWDfupy5A

1 minute… about India: beauty: https://youtu.be/Yl538et4KRQ

Time-lapse – To The Great Beyond: https://youtu.be/XpfUFwh26Ws

Short music documentary in Italy: https://youtu.be/WtzwgzvGve0

Short choreographed video for a dance school: https://youtu.be/bup3iO6zAZs

2013 – 2014 —— Content & Communications consultant, London UK

Communications strategist and managerial consultant for ‘LaunchPad’, a youth program in London that was run by Edward Anobah, Leadership Consultant at JP Morgan Chase & Co.. During my time with them I helped with market segmentation, competition analysis, the structuring of content and deep analysis of viable communication channels.


2003  – BA (HONS) Film & Animation Production, specialised as a Film Editor. Arts University Bournemouth, England.

2000  – National Diploma in Audio Visual Production. Arts University Bournemouth. England

My most valuable asset:

– I support the open and respectful exchange of ideas.

– I do not hide from my own failures or scorn the failures of others.

– I trust each other: to own our work, to always seek excellence, to reach beyond our past achievements.

– I believe in creating a safe, generous, accepting workplace where people can be their authentic, best selves.

– I wholeheartedly share what I know with anyone who wants to explore and contribute.

– I prize introspection and action equally.

– I believe in technology and its potential to accelerate human achievement.

When I’m not working, you can catch me meditating, reading, mentoring and receiving mentorship, discussing ideas, meditating more, serving my community, listening to podcasts, spending time with my loved ones, and always, always: working on myself. I take 100% responsibility for my life and for the quality of my experiences.

Get in touch: anaecorrie@gmail.com