Math is Weird: cross-media project for Maths, Arts, and Science teen Edutainment

Teen Edutainment (Maths, Arts, and Science )▪️Research ▪️Production ▪️Didactics

Project’s Vision: to empower teens of diverse backgrounds – particularly those considered ‘hard-to-reach’ and ‘under-privileged’ – to develop a passion for maths, arts, and science, and to become more engaged with their potential.

Math is Weird exists in the intersection of film, extended reality (XR), interdisciplinary education, and fictional culture.

It pays to start an endeavor in a field you are unfamiliar with — that’s where disruption happens” Naveen Jain 


Production sound, Self-shooting director, Development producer, Offline editor.

London Based. Run & Gun videography. Owner of a Sony FS5 (Netflix approved camera). Knowledge of technical video equipment including DSLR cameras, lighting, microphones and other production equipment. Edit in Adobe Premiere. Familiarity with Avid and Final Cut. Familiarity with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop. My Kit List: PORTFOLIO SOUND RECORDIST Latest work for Volkswagen […]